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The Bally Hotel is currently owned by Ian Meinzer, Gus Meinzer and Trevor Knight. The three of us consider ourselves brothers, as we’ve been friends since we were all 12 years old. Each of us brings a unique set of traits, ability and personality to The Bally Hotel, and we look forward to serving you and meeting your needs. We’d like to take a moment to tell each of you a bit about ourselves.

Ian brings a wealth of restaurant experience and training into our establishment. He has a Certificate and Diploma in Food Preparation from the Western Center for Technical Studies. He followed up by earning both an Associates Degree and a Bachelor of Sciences Degree from the prestigious Johnson and Wales University. He has spent over 13 years in the food industry, including working in a 5-Star Restaurant in Atlantic City, NJ. We all consider him very easy-going and it’s always a fun time when he’s around.

Gus serves as the Senior Vice-President of a chain of retail stores in addition realizing his long time dream of owning a bar and restaurant. He knows store operation, warehousing, inventory control, purchasing, lease management and various administrative responsibilities. He is a driven man, and earned his status as Vice-President in only two years. Gus has the knack for keeping interesting conversation going, and fits in with any crowd. He’s always a fun person to hang out with.

Trevor brings with him a foundation in leadership and effective management learned through many years in the military. He has served in Iraq for one year, Korea for one year and in Kosovo. He learned automations and communications in the military, and has transferred his skills into a Network Operation job with a mobile phone company. He applies those learned skills in helping cooler heads prevail, and keeping all of the automated systems running at The Bally Hotel. People often find him entertaining when his normally stoic facade is removed to show his quick but sharp wit, and self-deprecating humor.